Bridal Set Ruby (12 Pcs Set)

Rs.35,999 Rs.44,999

Bridal Set

Design : Ruby Color : Red

Wrap yourself in the bold and passionate embrace of the RUBY bedding set from our BRIDAL SET Collection.
This ensemble is a declaration of love and confidence, designed for those who wish to infuse their bedroom with the vibrancy of a timeless gemstone.
A 12-piece collection, RUBY brings together all the elements of an exquisite bedding ensemble:
•1 Fitted Sheet – A perfectly tailored piece that wraps snugly around your mattress.
•1 Flat Sheet – Smooth and sumptuous, offering a comfortable night's sleep.
•1 Quilt Cover – The heart of the RUBY set, shimmering with vitality and
•2 Pillow Covers – Soft to the touch, featuring a subtle gleam for an enticing rest.
•2 Shams (Shaun) – Accented with the same vibrant texture, they frame the bed with elegance.
•2 Cushion Fillings (16x16) – Comfortable, decorative, and a pop of plush luxury.
•2 Cushion Fillings (18x18) – Larger cushions for a bold statement of
•1 Cushion Filling (10x20) – A dash of glamour and a distinctive finish to the set.
Let the RUBY set be the jewel of your bedroom, and sleep amidst the
grandeur and romance it so effortlessly embodies.

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