Bridal Set Regal (12Pcs Set)

Rs.28,799 Rs.35,999

Bridal Set

Design : Regal Color : Red

Step into a world of timeless elegance with the REGAL bedding set from our BRIDAL SET Collection.
This ensemble is a tribute to classic luxury and dignified charm, ideal for
those who are drawn to the grandeur of royal aesthetics.
This lavish 12-piece set includes all you need to drape your bed in royal
•1 Fitted Sheet – Smooth and fitted to perfection, providing a regal
•1 Flat Sheet – A luxurious layer that envelops you in comfort.
•1 Quilt Cover – The centerpiece, with its alternating panels of crimson and gold, is a statement of refined taste.
•2 Pillow Covers – Elegantly matching the quilt cover to complete the regal tableau.
•2 Shams (Shaun) – Adorned with delicate trim, they echo the set’s majestic theme.
•2 Cushion Fillings (16x16) – Perfect for adding an accent of royal opulence.
•2 Cushion Fillings (18x18) – Enhance the visual appeal with their larger,
plush presence.
•1 Cushion Filling (10x20) – A distinctive size that adds a final touch of
grandiosity to the set.
Embrace the majesty of the REGAL set and let your bedroom become a
court of lavish dreams and restful nights.

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