Bridal Set Moonlight (12Pcs Set)

Rs.28,799 Rs.35,999

Bridal Set

Design : Moonlight Color : Grey

Immerse yourself in the celestial embrace of MOONLIGHT, a bedding set
from the esteemed BRIDAL SET Collection that brings the splendor of a
starry night sky into your private quarters. For the dreamers and the romantics, MOONLIGHT is a haven of comfort wrapped in the beauty of the cosmos.
The MOONLIGHT bedding set comes with a 12-piece collection, providing everything needed for a full and opulent bed dressing:
•1 Fitted Sheet – Crafted to fit snugly over your mattress, ensuring a smooth and secure base.
•1 Flat Sheet – A soft expanse that adds an extra layer of comfort.
•1 Quilt Cover – Adorned with golden dots to transport you to a dream under the stars.
•2 Pillow Covers – Complete with the golden speckled motif, they offer both beauty and comfort.
•2 Shams (Shaun) – Edged with golden piping, they frame the bed with an elegant finish.
•2 Cushion Fillings (16x16) – Charming and comfy, they are the perfect
accent pieces.
•2 Cushion Fillings (18x18) – Adding a plush element of sophistication.
•1 Cushion Filling (10x20) – A golden dash of elegance to the assortment of cushions.
This collection isn't just about adorning your bed; it's about creating a
personal cosmos where every night is a peaceful odyssey through the stars.
Drift off in the MOONLIGHT set and let your dreams be cradled in the serene embrace of the universe.

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