Bridal Set Emerald (13Pcs Set)

Rs.28,799 Rs.35,999

Bridal Set : 13 Pcs Set

Design / Color : Emerald / Green

Experience the enchanting allure of the EMERALD bedding set from our
BRIDAL SET Collection, where luxury meets artistry.
As you enter your sanctuary, the emerald green hue invites tranquillity while
hinting at the regal elegance within you. Crafted with an eye for haute
couture, the EMERALD set is more than a bedding ensemble—it's a
A 13-piece set that serves both functionality and finesse. The collection includes:
•1 Throw – Draped in splendour, it adds a touch of opulence to your room.
•1 Fitted Sheet – Snug and secure, it sets the foundation for your bedding ensemble.
•1 Flat Sheet – A smooth canvas of comfort that lies beneath the artistic quilt cover.
•1 Quilt Cover – The centrepiece that embodies the essence of the EMERALD set.
•2 Pillow Covers – Soft encasings for your pillows, providing both comfort and elegance.
•2 Shaun – Delicately designed shams that frame your bedding with sophistication.
•2 Cushion Fillings (16x16) – Plush and pretty, they beckon with inviting comfort.
•2 Cushion Fillings (18x18) – Larger counterparts that enrich the textural play.
•1 Cushion Filling (10x20) – A unique size for a dash of variety and panache.
Indulge in the splendour of our BRIDAL SET Collection and let the EMERALD
bedding set turn your bedroom into a palace of peace and luxury.

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