Bridal Set Shimmer (12Pcs Set)

Rs.35,999 Rs.44,999

Bridal Set

Design : Shimmer Color : Pink

Embrace the gentle luster of the SHIMMER bedding set from the BRIDAL
SET Collection, a suite that evokes the subtle glow of dawn's first light.
Crafted for those who find romance in the quiet moments, SHIMMER is an ode to understated beauty and soft-spoken luxury.
The 12-piece set is meticulously curated to provide everything needed for a bed that beckons with comfort and grace:
•1 Fitted Sheet – Expertly crafted to embrace your mattress with ease.
•1 Flat Sheet – A smooth and comforting layer to lie beneath the ornate quilt cover.
•1 Quilt Cover – A centerpiece that captures the essence of SHIMMER with its embellished grace.
•2 Pillow Covers – Their soft texture harmonises with the rest of the set for a dreamy sleep.
•2 Shams (Shaun) – Complementing the quilt with equal charm and
decorative flair.
•2 Cushion Fillings (16x16) – Cute and cozy, adding an extra layer of allure.
•2 Cushion Fillings (18x18) – For a luxurious feel and a visual treat.
•1 Cushion Filling (10x20) – Completing the set with a distinctive, elongated elegance.
Let the SHIMMER set bring a touch of poetic grace to your private haven, making every night's rest a celebration of gentle luxury.

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