Royal Crest Curtain Linning (Tropical)


Royal Crest Curtain Linning (Tropical)
Design: Tropical

Curtain Linning: 90x90"

The Heart of Green

Envelope yourself in the verdant lushness of the Tropical Bedding Set, the latest treasure from the Royal Crest Collection.

Designed for those who dream of the vibrant, sun-dappled rainforests, this bedding brings the spirit of the tropics into your bedroom.
Bring the magic of a tropical forest into your home, and let every night be an escape to nature's own sanctuary.

Available in Single Flat Sheet Set, Single Quilt Cover Set, Single Comforter, King Flat sheet Set, King Quilt Cover Set, King Comforter, Curtain Lining.

To preserve the finesse and softness, we recommend washing with care. Avoid bleaching and iron at low temperatures to keep the bedding in pristine condition

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