Royal Crest Curtain Linning (Mughal Art)


Royal Crest Curtain Linning (Mughal Art)

Design: Mughal Art
Curtain Linning: 90x90"

Where Heritage Meets Luxury

The Mughal Art Bedding Set, a crowning jewel of the Royal Crest Collection, invites you into the grandeur of the Mughal era.
Adorned with the ornate patterns and lush foliage that once graced the palaces of emperors, this set is a modern tribute to the opulence of ancient dynasties.

The striking detail of the floral and architectural elements beckons the eye, while the rich textures and comforting embrace of the fabric soothe the spirit.
Available in Single Flat Sheet Set, Single Quilt Cover Set, Single Comforter, King Flat sheet Set, King Quilt Cover Set, King Comforter, Curtain Lining.

To preserve the finesse and softness, we recommend washing with care. Avoid bleaching and iron at low temperatures to keep the bedding in pristine condition.

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